What is ‘CARE’ project about?

Children in care are more likely to have been exposed to multiple forms of traumatic experiences, such as physical or sexual abuse, neglect, family and/or community violence, trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation, bullying, or loss of loved ones. In addition to the circumstances of abuse or neglect that led to their removal, children may be subject to further stresses after entering the system, including separation from family, friends, and community, as well as the uncertainty of their future.

Considering that children who enter the child welfare system may have already experienced trauma, it is especially important that they not be further traumatized by the system that seeks to help them and that they receive services as soon as possible to facilitate their recovery from the trauma they have experienced. The potential for children to be traumatized during the process of investigation, removal and out-of-home placement is high, as these processes often involve conflictual interactions between professionals and family members and can evoke fear, resistance, and hostility.

While there is a wealth of literature pertaining to trauma in general and the trauma that children in child welfare may have experienced before entry into the system, there is little in the literature that speaks to the potential trauma to a child during investigation and removal.

‘CARE’ project aims to develop and provide trauma-informed training to the first responders (social workers and law enforcement and medical practitioners) in order to provide a set of critical skills and competencies for the staff who participate in the process of investigation, removal and out-of-home placement of children victims of abuse and neglect.

 ‘CARE’ project focuses on what is the trauma that children may experience during the processes of investigation, removal & out-of-home placement & what can first responders (social workers, police officers, medical practitioners, helpline operators etc) and those who interact with children during this time do to reduce the trauma they may experience during these processes.


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