Work Packages

Work Package 1:

Project Management & Coordination.

The aim of WP1 is to perform the overall project coordination, to ensure the efficient and harmonized communication and collaboration within the CARE consortium and reassure effective liaison with the European Commission and other projects and initiatives.

WP1 includes the following activities: overall project’s management and coordination, financial management and reporting, implementation of face two face and online consortium meetings, development and implementation of a Quality assurance Plan , assignment of evaluation process to external evaluator and development of a Communication Plan  to define the means and methodologies of communication among partners.

Design and implementation of the evaluation strategy to measure the impact of the project activities and products on the target groups across the 4 implementing countries are included under WP1.

Work Package 2:

Development and validation of Training Toolkit and Capacity building.

Objective of WP2 is to strengthen the capacity and capability of public authorities and NGOs in improving and managing efficiently cases of removal & out-of-home placement of children victims of CAN by developing trauma informed training toolkit and by training key professional groups.

 WP2 includes the following activities:

In addition, through WP2 , the engagement of children is achieved with the implementation of the activity of Consultation groups , given the opportunity to children that have experienced in the past removal & out-of-home placement to express a view, influence decision – making and achieve change in the topics that CARE project is addressed to.

Work Package 3:

Advocacy and Awareness Raising Campaign.

The aim of WP3 is to raise awareness of target groups about the effects of trauma on children and families at local and EU level and to promote cooperation between public authorities and NGOs at local and EU level. This is done by carrying out regional and nation-wide awareness campaigns about the effects of trauma on children and families especially targeted at school community.

WP3 includes the following activities:  the implementation of the information and awareness raising sessions at over 100 schools, targeting at least 800 teachers in 4 countries  with the aim to increase prevention and early detection of ACEs, the production of 4 documentaries with children’s voices,  the implementation of  awareness-raising events in Croatia, Cyprus & Italy with at least 150 attendees, the implementation of transnational final conference in Greece reaching 100 participants and the development of project’s webpage and brochure.

The following activities take place across the 4 partners’ countries (Greece, Cyprus, Croatia & Italy)  :

  • Organizing a nation-wide national campaign for awareness raising on the necessity to implement a comprehensive system for trauma-informed practices during removal and out-of-home placement of children.
  • Information and awareness raising activities at schools, targeting 800 teachers and/or parents with the aim to increase prevention and early detection of ACEs
  • National conferences (one per country / ~100 participants per conference) and 1 Transnational Conference (~150 participants).