The Partnership

The project is   implemented in transnational level and specifically in 4 countries (Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Croatia)  with the participation of the following partner organizations:

1. ‘The Smile of the Child’ , Greece (Coordinator)

‘The Smile of the Child’ (TSoC)  is the largest internationally recognized non-profit, Organization in Greece in the critical field of child protection. TSoC  operates all over Greece – 24/7 and 365 days a year -standing by every child and providing its services free-of charge. Active in prevention, intervention and therapy, the Organization focuses on 4 pillars of action, standing next to children victims of violence, missing children, children with a health problem, children living in or threatened by poverty. ‘The Smile of the Child’   operates the National SOS Helpline 1056, the European Hotline for Missing Children 116000 and the European Helpline for Children and Adolescents in need 116111 on a 24-7 basis in Greece,  operates AMBER Alert Hellas, following instruction of activation from the Police authorities and has its own Search & Rescue Team for missing children.



Telefono Azzurro was founded in 1987 in Bologna: Today, Telefono Azzurro offers helpline and hotline (telephone, mobile, web, chat, apps, social network), and promotes prevention initiatives, through education and awareness projects in for students, educators, general public and policymakers. The 19696 helpline, for both children and adults, is a free service that receives requests for help from all around the country 24/7. In particular, it provides listening and counselling. The 114 Childhood Emergency service, promoted by the Department of Family Policy – Prime Minister’s Office, is also managed by Telefono Azzurro. It receives and manages reports, from both adults and children, of situations of distress, abuse, danger or emergency to the detriment of children and young people, interfacing with the network of territorial services that protect children and adolescents. Telefono Azzurro also manages the service 116000, which is entrusted to the Italian Ministry of Interior and it is dedicated to anyone who wants to report a situation of a missing child or adolescent, italian or foreign.

As an organisation accredited by the Education Ministry, Telefono Azzurro offers, through both online and offline initiatives, learning and preventive activities aimed at teachers and students on various issues such as bullying, abuse, Internet safety, multiculturalism and children’s rights. Best practices and shared knowledge lead the intervention on the ground at the national level, while being based on international scientific research and guidelines. The models used by Telefono Azzurro come from evidence-based skills and validated and reliable data, that guide the practice, with the aim to spread knowledge to children and teenagers, adults and professionals.



 ‘Hope For Children’ CRC Policy Center (HFC) is an Independent, International and Humanitarian Institution based in Nicosia, Cyprus with representation in other nine countries.   

HFC implements multifaceted humanitarian programs related to the promotion of children’s rights, prioritizing their wellbeing, their education and the prevention of any kind of violence against children, as well as providing psychosocial and legal support.   

At the same time, HFC also focuses on the implementation of European funded programs that involve research, capacity building for professionals and policy making on issues pertaining children’s rights. 



Brave Phone was established in 1997 as a helpline for abused and neglected children. Over the years, Brave Phone has become a source of help for all kinds of problems children are facing in their daily lives in Croatia. Brave Phone offers support to children, their parents, and professionals through diverse community programmes.

Today organization provides social services (telephone and e-mail counselling; face to face counselling; school for parents; preventive group work in local community/schools/children homes/other institutions; public lectures)  for children and families that are highly recognized in wider public.

Organization’s professional team, along with the direct work, actively conducts scientific studies (violence among children, incidence of abuse in childhood, children’s experience while using Internet). Brave Phone prints more that 18 000 copies of educational material a year, which are then distributed to program and project users as well as professionals working with children.

In 2020, Brave Phone has 19 employees, all with education in mental health area (psychologist, social workers, social pedagogues) and yearly Brave Phone includes over 90 volunteers with more than 13 000 volunteer hours (e.g. in 2019, 185 volunteers with 18 922 volunteer hours).

Brave Phone is also the second most recognizable non-profit organization in Croatia (after War Veterans Association); an organization that represents the brand in the field of child protection and work with children in general; an organization that has been successfully cooperating with all relevant stakeholders in the field of regulation and the effects of family protection as an equal partner; an organization that employs experts and has exceptional standards in quality assurance of services for end users (SOKNO quality standards, quality standards of social services) and an organization that promotes volunteerism and seeks to promote it in all areas of human life as it enriches, brings new values and enables active participation in the community.